About us

CJ-Australia.com is a niche Job board for Construction, Civil Engineering & Mining jobs in Australia.


Welcome to our jobs board portal, its user friendly, FREE for job seekers & competitive deals for recruiters & employers.

Hosting & distributing positions that are available across Australia’s booming construction industry to an engaging audience.


·             VISION = A friendly, professional service to support the construction industry.. Employers and Job Seekers both having a satisfied experience.


   MISSION = Provide a platform to connect employers with suitable candidates to keep the construction sector thriving..

Whether you are looking to fill a key role, or you are seeking your next job challenge, CJ-Australia.com can help you achieve your objective, with a simple, fast and cost-effective process.

We are aiming to be the market leader in construction industry job advertising. Through an advanced skill matching procedure we work to ensure your jobs listing is put in-front of qualified interested people.

What's more our platform is so easy to use, for both employers and jobseekers alike.

We focus primarily on the booming construction industry with sub-categories for other blue collar roles. specifically:

  • HVAC heating, ventilation, air con
  • Mining
  • Labourer
  • Tunnelling
  • Civil Engineer
  • Plant Operator
  • Trades & Services
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • Warehouse & Logistics
  • Construction Management
  • Tunnelling & Mining Overseas

full-filling roles in these categories is vitally important to the growth and sustainability of the economy.

We have the ability to integrate directly to your jobs board with API, host an XML feed or you can add listings individually from your employer account.

Which ever method of input you chose to add your listings, you will be given the option to have applicants:

  • Re-direct to your own jobs board
  • Apply via sending resume to your email
  • Have applications submitted directly on our Job Board..

The latter heavily reduces friction for candidates and on average delivering 40% increase on view clicks to apply submission rates.

Employers enjoy many additional benefits from our unique service and feature posts options, which include jobs being shared directly to your target state/territory across our social media platforms to reach maximum local exposure.

Our source code structure is set so that if you fill in all of the details asked when making your advert it, including salary (even if it is a range). will be indexed with Google jobs and have the potential to be seen by millions of candidate’s worldwide.

Having your adverts featured, and part of an email campaign including shared to social media at the correct times (determined by smart analytics) can massively increase organic application numbers.

Construction Jobs Australia aims to help you keep your business ahead of the competition by bridging the gap between you and suitable candidates.

Candidates also enjoy a number of significant advantages - Create a profile with us to showcase your skills, and email alerts of the latest posted positions, Uploading CV/Resume to your profile will increase chances an employer or recruiter will contact you. 

The market is competitive recruiters are working hard to find suitable people to fill many available positions.


Any further information, help or support, please email

a team member at: [email protected]